Stepping Into Mahasiswa's Life


My dear long lost blog. I know, it has been a very-very long time. My last update was on year 2017. Legit, 2 years has already passed. It is year 2019 now; I notice that so many things have changed here, in Blogger. I am kind of missing the past blogging vibes when everyone is so into making over their blogs, learning coding, blog walking, joining contests and giveaways etc. I do miss yes, I really miss. Well, you got to admit that everything is not permanent in life so appreciate it while it lasts. So yeah.

Thanks Allah. I am still living till now.

As for my life, many things have changed too. So many life lessons have molded me into who I am today. And with that, I am glad to say that I am happy and satisfied with myself and the path that I am currently going through right now. Alhamdulillah.

I had stepped into Faculty of Accountancy and well officially verified as a Mahasiswa at UiTM. With that, there goes a new phase in my life; a fresh responsibility that I need to shoulder. Being a high school student is already a quite tough for me so stepping into Mahasiswa's life absolutely startles me even more. Well, you know how everyone is talking about how tougher your life will be at the university? Yes, it is precisely true. But thanks god, I manage to slowly adapt with the environment now. I learn that life is surely tough but it is how you manage to set a blueprint of your life is what is significant in making sure the smoothness of your life journey; it is correlated.

To be frank, accounting school is not really my cup of tea. The fact that I had applied for the course is mainly because of my parents; simply because I don't have any courses that I want to pursue in my mind. In fact, I was mentally in confusion at that time so following my parents' choice is the only available option I had to choose. It is actually a quite risky decision making for me to go through the course that is out of my desire even though I had actually have the basic for the subject during high school but honestly, I really hate the subject. I really do. I was just lucky enough to obtain an A- for the subject in SPM because it was horribly hard that I don't want to even recall it anymore.

"Oh well, how can I be so cool to go through something I curse at university level, uh?"

God's plan.

One thing I know; when you positively set your mind that you will somehow able to survive, you can legit survive for real because you know, there are these moments you think you won't survive. And then, you survive. So yeah, unexpected thing happens. I am already in my last semester now. Well, shockingly. I had survived those past 4 semesters of scary rides so let us see, how the last semester is going to torture me this time but honestly, time really passes that fast, uh?

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Every new step or phase that you take in your life will surely comes with lessons and yes, being a Mahasiswa surely taught me a lot since I need to adapt and confront with new environment and different kind of persons there respectively.





Honestly, friendship's issue is not something new to me. It is so weird. You become friend months ago and then, turn into stranger in a blink for no reason, lol. Getting stabbed at the back from someone you trust is like a recycle thing that happens in my life since I was 15. It really saddens me but I learn a lot from that to become who I am today. For me, friendship will always shape me into someone new. I become more selective and cautious in putting someone new into my circle now but thanks to that, I am happy with my small circle friends now. You know, everything happens for a reason. It is either to test you or to teach you something but most importantly both will make you become more stronger.

Thanks to my past experiences for making my Mahasiswa's life becomes more bearable. I can imagine how horrible my life will be today if I did not experience that in the past. Indeed, experience is the greatest teacher. The biggest lesson ever that I had learned at the University is you got to keep your friend as a friend only not as a partner in your group assignment too because he or she may be a good friend to you but not a good partner in your group assignment unless you are very certain that he or she is good in both then go on because you know;

Free rider exists.

I hate it when I am the only one who makes the effort; it is not something new actually. I have been facing this a lot, to be very honest. This is all about responsibility. But I don't really care about it anymore because what is important is, I get my job done or whatever. That is it.

Annual General Meeting

Majlis Tertinggi & Exco

Unexpectedly, I become a vice president for my club at UiTM. It is honestly tough. People will look up to you, critique and hate you but to be frank, I did not really ask for this title at first but as the time passes, I manage to slowly accept the fact. This is still a part of my responsibility. I am going to just follow the flow and do my part even though I went through a frustration journey along it but whatever. I mean, I really enjoy it. It makes my diploma becomes more memorable.

Emcee Day

Family Day

So yeah. Stepping into Mahasiswa's life surely teaches me a lot. You become sad and frustrate today and then happy tomorrow; it is a norm. Please note that what happens to me may not happens to you, I am just sharing my story here. To anyone who reads this, please pray for my last semester. I look forward to graduate on time with Vice Chancellor Awards and continuing my study in degree level, In Shaa Allah. Cherish every moment, till we meet again.

Thank you for reading. Do comment below. 💓


  1. Good luck ya for the last can do it!

  2. same here. im in my last sem too. good luck to us for our last sem *double thumbs up*. may Allah ease everything.

  3. UiTM's student here too ^^ Goodluck in your final semester

  4. adik FD pun sambung belajar masuk sem 3 dah. masuk uitm jugak. good luck for you journey!

  5. aaa rindunya zaman diploma. masatu memang meriah sangat, tiap2 sem bergambar dengan classmate mcm dalam gambar adam ni :D rindu sangat kat dorang

    all the best untuk last sem ni! cherish every moment dengan kengkawan dip!

  6. Good luck on your studies and hope to see more posts from you!