How my senior year?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

senior year


   Some of you might know that I was one of spm 2016 candidates thus, 2016 was my senior year, heh! I never expect and cant brain that I had already graduated from high school! 2016 was so blessed, yet still it was full of ups and downs, well that is life? How can we expect that our life would go on in our ways without any obstacles? Sometimes, we need to go through the obstacles just to makesure that our life could go in our ways though. So far, my senior year went well, Alhamdulillah. I was surrounded with sporting teachers and cool classmates, that was more than enough ❤❤❤

   My senior year story might be a not so interesting compares to others, but why bother? hahaha. I decided to express here so that as I grow older, I could read this back and questioning myself,  "What the hell I have written here? hahaha." Attention, this could be my very long post but I will be that happy as hell and over the moon person if you will to read this till the end awww! Let me takes some times to appreciate these gifted memories that happened only once in every humans' lifes. If I could turn back time, I will never ever wasting my time just like I did in my 2016 huhuhu, sigh.

   Okay, let me be honest. Actually I am not that 'sport' type person and totally not even once active in 'sport' activities in my school life hahahaha yet, I had rather participated myself in other co-curriculum activities that involving academics, languages, uniform and club hehehe. So, since this was my last year, I had decided myself to spend some times or in other words, broke my whole life record with attending myself in latihan rumah sukan hahaha, well that was what my friends told me okay!

'Heh! Adam datang latihan rumah sukan?'
'Eh? Adam, ada kau!'
'Eh? First time Adam ada'
'Eh, wuish pecah rekod Adam mari latihan!'
'Eh? Eh? Eh?'
shut up, man.

   Yes, how could I denie that fact? Well, students were required to attend this latihan rumah sukan as preparation for merentas desa activity just like other schools did? Well, It was not that bad pun, pusing pusing padang, ask for teacher advisor's sign, back home then repeat that every week, yes man! I got full attendance and teacher's signs in my co-curriculum activity book (obviously, you can see that book in above picture) for year 2016 hahaha holy shit. I dont know what is actually wrong with myself, how can I turned myself into a 'sport' type person tigapuluhenamdarjah that quick hahaha! Or I had finally realized that I would never get this experienced again in my after life if I did not attend this latihan this time? So, that's why. Adik, adik jangan contohi abang (ceh, abang kau!).


   Well, I think everyone can expect what happen before the merentas desa, alah cliche things exercices, dancing dancing, that such boring things that everyone was never even followed (except for teachers) the exercise guides told to do hahaha tambah tambah yang golek golek badan heh! Me doing that will never happen hahahahaha! Okay, I did not even win any medal pun heh! I never imagined myself to win that pun actually! Hahaha, me attending this activity was actually so much grateful than enough okay, hahaha! Well, atleast I was not the last person :p (kena booo).


   Gratefully, I was confident enough to participate myself in this competition. It was a priceless experience ever in my life, we put a lot of efforts and hardworks in this competition and Alhamdulillah, our team won second place! ❤ Even not a champion, atleast we still got a number, right? (that was how other people said to sedapkan hati hahaha). Got to know more people through this and I had realized that I should not judge people from their face expressions :p So, dear choral speaking memories, you will be missed!

   In pesta kokurikulum day, I had represented my club (stamp club) in t-shirt's design competition using that cop colours that specially for creating shirt's design. Well, sadly my team did a mistake in choosing a backdrop colour hohoho, it turned out so hell bad comot hahaha! Of course, we did not win, how can! Those shirt's colours tool was so annoying okay! (that was that tools fault, not my design! Hahaha). Paling takleh blah, there was a teacher perli perli design iolsss (obviously, that was the fact hahaha!), iolsss nak marah but I still got my sense so I told myself that it is okay, hahaha!

Image result for cop printing baju

   Paling tahik, bila design turned out comot nak mati, ada one of our team lari pergi beli makanan, what type of human was this?! I had tried my best to cover back those comot comot colours but still turned out seketul tahik so iols ambil design tu and letak atas lantai just like that? Then, I ran into booth makanan just like what previous human did hahahahaha, that could describe how pathetic I was that time :') Well, I think I am better in drafting a tshirt design than creating that for real (noted).

   One of my 2016 goals was to create our class special tshirt and I was so hell proud that the goal was actually turned out for real! Even so many things happened before yes, of course lah when it was about 'money' everyone was like 'nak duit buat apa pulak?', 'eh, eh! No, no takde duitlah!' and so on but I was touched once the payment had done even there was a lot of alasans but they actually did not meant pun :') they did paid even ada yang worked just to get the money, so apa alasan untuk saya tidak tersentuh hati? :') Thank you everyone for trusting me to manage our class tshirt and of course lah, for your willingness wearing my design! Hahaha, muah ciked.


   Nothing much interesting about this hahaha! Eh, okay okayla got a chance to explore the matriculation and got some information there too! Oh, this was stated at Matrikulasi Kok Lanas, Kelantan. But, there was an incident where I dropped my phone when I was about to climb the stairs in the picture, the phone jatuh from tangga to tangga, but I did not act lansung when I looked at the phone, I dont know, my body was like being glued, hahaha! Gratefully, nothing bad happened, only cracked in it edge side hm, rosak phone haku!

   Well, guys are you still reading this? you are such an awesome human type if you are still scrolling this post :') It was Cikgu Affendi's birthday, our homeroom and account teacher, hehehe. Well, actually, we did not planned anything for his birthday okay! It was such a last minute plan in about beberapa hours before account class, it happened perfectly at the right time since account class was the last subject at that day. We sought our last senior, Din's help to buy that birthday's thingy since Din, at that time, he was working at our school koperasi while waiting for his spm result hehehe (well, that means Din can freely go out from school buying the birthday's thingy since he was no longer a student).

   The struggle blowing the balloons in last minute, hahaha! Then, since our tables had slipcovers, we had decided to hide the balloons under our tables zasss! We thought that our planned had ruined since there were some balloons yang pecah tepat tepat je masa account class! Hahaha. Gratefully, Cg Affendi did not heard that, how can? Actually, our teacher had suffered in hearing problem due to his last accident (well, that was what people said). Right after the class was over, weols nyanyi that happy birthday cliche song that ended with "Woooooooooo!", at the end of the song hahahahaha! Of course, we could see air muka cikgu berubah at that time :')

  Oh! Since Cg Affendi wore songkok, we had put off that then replacing the songkok with that birthday's hat well, you can see that in the picture. Then, what happened?

   Hahaha! Pray for Cg Affendi's songkok :') I cant clearly remember how it happened, teruk gila jatuh atas kek, hahahaha! Gratefully, Cg Affendi tak marah, hahaha. Well, atleast we did made our teacher happy at that time plus, this march dia akan bersara dah, huhuhu. That unforgetable moment that will stay remains in 5pp students' hearts forever :')

5PP IFTAR 2016
   The most unforgetable out of all! Why? Hahahahahaha! Okay, macam ni, well, as usual since ramadan, just like other students did, iftaring with their fellow friends, classmates etc. We pun tak melepaskan peluang to spend our times iftaring together! ❤ Since this was our last year and kitorang tak buat kat restoran, we just tempah makanan then iftar dekat one of our friends, Arman's house. Well, you can clearly see what we ate at the iftar, it was shell out! Hahaha. I could say, that you should throw out the 'S' letter in the word 'shell out' because it totally 'hell out!', hahahahaha!

   I cant denie the taste of the shell out, it totally delicious! Sadly, keesokan harinya 90% semua yang joined the iftar sakit perut hahaha! It was not sakit perut yang biasa biasa, It was luar biasa punya sakit perut sampai ada yang kena admitted to emergency hokay! Hahahahaha! Dahla esoknya tu ada addmath class, then ramai tak datang due to that, our addmath teacher of course lah marah hahahaha, siap cakap padan muka lagi because mengada ngada buat iftar kat luar lol seriously?

   Actually, masa ni we did made a video, nyanyi lagu raya ramai ramai, Allahu, how can I forget this :')
Look at our happy faces before the sakit perut, hahahaha! 
"happy sama sama, sakit sama sama"


   We did the challenge after account class, hehehe. In fact, that was my first ever time tasting the ramen. Well, at that time, that spicy ramen was totally a hot potato and viral everywhere so we were lucky to have tauke ramen, Fadlina in our class hahahaha! And, of course, we did not miss the chance to give a try! As expected, pedas gila! Tapi bila dah biasa banyak kali makan, cam dah biasa dah! Hehe. Untung dapat member sporting macam ni, hohoho.


      Okay, yang ni masa raya kat rumah aku. Heh! I did cooked for them okay. I cooked macaroni carbonara and cheezy meatball! Banyak banyak metball, tinggal 3 bijik je, heh! So, can you expect, how could it tasted? hehehe. Iols pun pandai masak jugek, kehkehkeh.

   I forgot the university name that organised this bengkel, Kalau nak tahu, that guy yang pakai kemeja putih was one of buku teks form 5 authors! Funny, did not expect boleh ambil gambar with author buku subjek yang iols tak suka sebab banyak kena hafal, hahaha! Macam macam.


   Oh, rindunya nak pergi sini balik, hahaha. Universiti ni actually placed belakang sekolah kitorang je. Makanan sedap banyak kat sini at that time! Okay, I miss meatball foodtruck :') sedap dan murah. Diorang ada organised 'haunted gym', I forgot how much the fee lol, Hantu hantu yang diorang buat sumpah sial gila, paling seram hantu yang duduk atas wheelchair, hahaha! 3 orang sekali masuk, aku masuk dengan deskmates aku and yang lawaknya, since aku duduk paling depan, I lost direction okay! Aku pergi hentam dinding sebab nak cari pintu tak jumpa hahaha! Mana taknye, cahaya cukup cukup je kat dalam tu lol.


  Look at gambar yang paling bawah kat atas tu, lol. Lighting cam hanjenk, well, when you are beriman teruk, ada nur begitu, hahahahaha! gurau. Thank you everyone for coming, ramai gila datang, hahaha. It was such a happening moment! Apa lagi bukti nak bagi, untuk buktikan diorang ni sporting teruk? I am blessed.

   Macam mana boleh selfie banyak banyak dalam sekolah? Boleh bawak phone ke? Hahaha, no cant, but who cares? Let me breaks the rules for the last begitu. As long as, you can hide it from teacher then, you are done, hehehe. We asked one of the juniors there, to take a picture of us (obviously, not just only a picture if you notice, hahaha), then semua orang pun pandang pandang, hahaha.



     Running man at the library? yes! Allahu, cant forget this sampai bila bila, hahaha. Actually, this time, semua pelajar kena pergi dewan sebab ada majlis persaraan cikgu mana, aku lupa. Tapi, me decided to ajak diorang pergi library konon, nak study! Hahaha, amik kau study! Lari lari dalam library, main hide and seek, hahaha! Paling bangang, Izwan panjat rak buku yang tinggi tu, he hid himself there! Hahahaha bodoh. Video runningman kitorang ada tau, tapi males nak upload kat sini, hahahahaha. How can? Actually, aku anak cikgu library sekolah tu, hahaha. Cikgu, cikgu semua pergi dewan masa tu, aku awal awal mintak anak kunci library dengan umi hahaha.

    Umi, kalau tahu ni sumpah mati aku.

    Last but not least, our farewell party! Guess where the party was placed? It was our homeroom teacher, Cg Affendi's house! He was the one who volunteered nak sponsor tempat and some food (bihun goreng, sedap!), and even the one yang beria ria suruh buat okay. So, as usual, we plan the menu which was bbq chicken, hotdog and crabmeat! Sedap gila! My last artwork for the class was that triangle flag words banner, hehehe. In fact, Aku dah lama idam nak ada majlis macam ni weh, gantung gantung banner macam tu, so Iols design it myself, just print the letter je and pasang tali, hehehe! Oh, lupa this time was before or after spm, huhuhu, tapi at night yang pasti lol.


    Bye cikgu! ❤ Thank you sudi ajar Iols akaun walaupun Iols lembab tiada berkesudahan, hahaha. I will never forget these memories, pahit manis secukup rasa semua ada. It has already come to the end, Allahu :') Me, looking back at these photos make me want to cry :') The moment, when you want to cry but the tears did not seem to flow out :') People said, menangis yang paling perit is menangis yang sampai tahap tak boleh nak keluarkan air mata :')

   Buat kawan kawan, thank you for accepting me into your circles, even ada perselisihan faham sometimes yet, it is lumrah, huhuhu. Thank you 5pp members! You guys are the best! 5 Prinsip Perakaunan stay winning 2016 most awesome class for 2016! Senior year 2016 was ours! ❤ Actually, banyak lagi gambar tapi matilanak nak upload plus cerita banyak banyak kat sini, hehehe.

   Thank you sudi baca sampai habis! ❤ pardon my bad english. It seems like this post really turns out be my very long post, hahaha.

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  1. That's lots of sweet memories you had made.. ^^

  2. waaaa tahniahhh dah habis sekolah menengahhh. tetiba rasa rindu sekolah T^T
    bestnya banyak kawan yg sporting2 macam tu :D

  3. dulu masa form 5 mmg dah plan nak buat tshirt kelas since sy ni ketua kelas kan hahaha tapi last2 tak dpt sbb sekolah dah tak benarkan cissss haha sy just rindu dgn makanan kat kantin skolah je hihi

  4. Bila baca entry nie, tetiba rindu zaman sekolah duluuuuuu :(

    1. Someday, I'll be like sis too :') even now pun dah rindu hm.

  5. Kita sebaya rupanya...yeah you know...before I really hope that I can finish my schoollife as soon as possible because I want to go out from the hostel that just like prison to me.(SBP Boarding School)During that time,I always dreaming how beautiful life after school will be.But now,I realised life is better than life after school.Now,I got the freedom that I seek,but its not happy at all.I fight for scholarship with my trial result to pursue my dream.but all my application always been rejected coz my trial result not good at all.I spent all my days hunt for scholarship but Im not suitable for their demand.Now,I really hope that I can back to my senior year.The final year in school.And enjoy it well.Coz now Im realized,the dream about the beauty of life after school,the reality it is just a nightmare.So,I wish all the best for you and us as 99's generation to face the upcoming challenge.Pray for me,and I'll pray for you to ;)

    1. Absolutely! Before habis spm dah siap siap fikir nak buat apa lepas spm, last last mereput je kat rumah. Well, indeed rasa rindu balik nak sekolah :') That's normal feeling. Woah, you're lucky to be able use your trial result to get the scholarship! I guess that's what sbp student's privileges. It is okay, it just a trial, I believed you had already did ur very best for your spm ken? All the best for you too! :D Sure, my prayer on you ;)

  6. Taniah dah graduated..
    Your english very good huhu

  7. All the best in ur future undertaking. Will be Jr again soon ya? College / uni time will be a new phase of challenges to face and will be a very great memory to remember and for sure it will develop u more. Oh i miss my U life damn much. :)

  8. baca dam punya post rasa rinduuuuuuu sangat dengan zaman sekolah. Banyak sangat kenangan masa tu. anyway, jemput join contest akak :)

  9. Senior year yang happening!
    "Masa muda...jangan engkau sia-siakan...simpankan sebagai memori...jadikan polaroid"~ nyanyi jap.

  10. reminiscing our schooling days sure is fun, stuck in the moment not knowing what to do when youre an spm leaver is very boring T-T

  11. tahniah & toughen up! more to come lepas ni!! Good luck & all the best :)

  12. memories about school? get warning letter and almost kena buang... :)

  13. hai senior. hehe. tapi akak lagi senior dari awk :')

  14. Wuhhhhh.. sis baca sampai habis.. OMG XD so cool and fun.. I'm kinda jealous :P well I don't have lot of memories like you.. and most of it are bad memories :P ahahahahahaha..

    LMAO XD Shell out and everyone else got stomach ache XD no good ahahahaa...

    Pst:/ I know you, so treasure this memories and your friends :) Keep in touch XD ahahaha.. and good luck (utk result nanti) :P

    1. Omg sis I got goosebump after reading the words 'I know you' :o omg Im at the highest of curiousity right now xD Do I know you too? xD Thankyou for the wish, In Shaa Allah :D

  15. seems like you visit my matriculation :) hahahah .. good luck in ur future. senior year are full of ups and downs . thats undeniable .. hahaha . ok la. come drop to my blog for a while .

    1. Woah, glad to know that you're the student of that matriculation xD Anyway thank you! :D

  16. 안녕,아담 hyung memang slalu tunggu entry baru awk n x sangka yg entry kali ni nampak cam gile2 tp actually u already touched my heart.knangan kt skolah ni nak x nak u akn ingat smpai mati. Gud luck Batch 99 ��

  17. memori time sekolah nilah yg kite ingat sampai bila2. tahniah sbb dah habis sekolah dan berjaya cipta memori manis dgn kawan2. pasni mesti susah nak jumpa diorang semua dahh.
    haha nak buat tshirt memang susah. saya haritu kena cetak atas 3 bahan pun memang rasa nak putus asa. aduii sem depan kena hadap lagi cetak tshirt ni T__T

  18. Hi, This post is so much reminiscing my memories in high school back there. I hope I can turn back time like the good old day. :') AMERZING: